Is it Art? 3






Sept, 2013




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Artist statement:

A Travel photographer, who is curious and intuitive.

I enjoy new surroundings and things that most people just walk past and not give a second thought.

I never set out to take photos of one subject or another. Instead, on my journey, different things stand out which is when I feel the need to photograph it. I get a dreamy feeling, a feeling of ore and this inspires me.

I look for beauty, be it great or small, sometimes beauty may be the whole subject, sometimes it is only part of the subject, other times there is no Subject at all but it is still beauty.

With the use of Natural light or lack of light available at the time, I will take multiple shots till I get the one I desired from within myself. My reaction is pleasure and happiness.

I have done my job if, with what you see you get the feeling of pleasure and happiness, it brings relaxation and peacefulness and or anxiety and the question of Why?

Hopefully each can speak for itself and the viewer will take from it the message they choose.

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