I went hiking on the weekend, after which I decided I need a couple of new water bottles, something with a big capacity, fast flowing water and Not Aluminium (I think Aluminium makes the water taste bad).

I was even thinking of making some with my own design to sell here on Rich Culture but the cost is just way too high to even contemplate.

I went with the old faithful Camelbak, I think their products are the best on offer at the moment and have an awesome range to choose from. With many sizes and filter options etc. it was hard to choose, even getting a bit side tracked with what I was even looking for in the first place, O that’s it a water bottle!

 In the end I chose the Camelbak Podium Chill Bottle. I found them for sale at Amazon.

Amazon books ..well Amazon Camelbak apparently!.


I like the fact that it’s transparent so I can see how much water I have left; also it has my other requirements, fast flow and Not Aluminium.

I really love the convenience of online shopping, but it is so addictive!

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