Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

San Francisco is probably my favourite place in America so far, the food it the best I have tasted, fresh and not greasy or fatty unlike many other places I visited in America. The people are friendlier, the city itself is vibrant and colourful. The rolling hills add character to the city, unlike other cold concrete monster city’s barren and flat. Ok, yes they are steep but think of how fit and healthy you would be walking these streets every day, awesome!

So now onto the bridge…

Instead of just taking a happy snap of the golden gate bridge why not ride or walk across it. You can stop along the way and look at the view of the city and out to the bay.

You can hire bikes near the Warf and ride out to the bridge. It is an easy ride, most people should be able to do it at a leisurely pace, with only a couple of hills to contend with.

If you do ride be careful of the people walking, they tend to “not” keep to their allocated side of the path, also they tend to walk around dazed with delight most of the time and just step out in front of you. Ride slow and keep your hands on the brakes ready to react, use the bell on the bike to warn you are close. It can get very busy on a nice day so make sure you have lots of time.

I had a great time and it was a wonderful view, even if it was cloudy and a bit cold. I would have liked to seen the bridge and the city behind it all lit up at night, or first thing in the morning with fog covering most of it, I think that would look amazing. I will have to keep that for another trip because I want to do other things during my stay in San Francisco.

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