11 Reasons to Subscribe

 11 Reasons to Subscribe

Well here they are 😀

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12# Did I mention you get a free eBook? Awesome!


I had many photos from a trip around Australia so decided to make an eBook with my favourite images and give it to my loyal subscribers 100% Free.


The real Australian ebook cover


The photos are from my first BIG travel adventure. In 2003 I spent 12 weeks travelling around the Australian coast and outback.

You will see a lot of scenery, sunsets and more from some of the different states in Australia. I will also give you a short “not so secret” insight to each state.


The real Australian ebook page 14


The real Australian ebook page 21


The real Australian ebook page 47


Once you confirm your subscription you will receive instance access to download “The Real Australian Outback” eBook. Yours to keep and best of all it’s 100% Free.


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